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This is my second animated moodtheme. Apparently, whenever I really obsess, I make moodthemes? The reasoning behind this was that there isn't a moodtheme out there that has enough Sophie, at least as far as I know. It turned out to be pretty Nate/Sophie heavy, but I tried including other characters, too. I might add moods as we get new episodes, but no promises. It all depends on how much time and energy I have. If you'd like to be notified as more moods get added, track this thread. (Also... I'd like to apologise profusely to certain people on my flist who've heard me talk about little else these past few days. ♥ You know who you are.)

The download includes the admin console file, all 132 moods plus 40 variations, all in 90x50px. Feel free to replace any mood by a variation. To do that, simply rename the variation you want to use to the original mood name, e.g. if you wanted to change the "bored" moodtheme to the variation, delete "bored.gif", rename "bored2.gif" to "bored.gif" and simply upload that one.

o1; Download the moodtheme. Unzip the folder.
o2; Pick the moods you want to use.
o3; Upload them to your photobucket / equivalent account. Do not change the filenames.
o4; Open the admin console file, replace with your custom URL.
o5; Open the admin console, but the following into the text box: moodtheme_create "Title of Theme" "Short Description of Theme" (replace "Title" and "Description" with whatever you want it to be), and click "execute". A number will appear, you're going to need that in the next step.
o6; In the admin console file, replace "12345" with the number you got.
o7; Paste the entire content of the file into the text box at the admin console and click "execute".
o8; Go to customise and pick your theme. Save changes, and you're done.
Further instructions can be found here, courtesy of [ profile] crackified.

→ Please comment. I spent hours on this, and every comment is appreciated.
→ Credit! Just put the following (or an equivalent) into your userinfo:

→ No editing.
→ Enjoy!


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