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As per [ profile] dani101's request, another musicvideo. ;) I made this for [ profile] stargateland in September, using Sony Vegas. It was supposed to be a little different, but I ran out of time. Turned out pretty okay, though, I think. The only thing I'd change now, except for the occasional glitch, is that I'd probably make the bridge bits all black & white.

Song: Vienna Teng - In Another Life
Fandom: Stargate
Character(s): Jack O'Neill, Sam Carter, Sam/Jack

lyrics | youtube | mediafire: 27 MB

As for youtube, I recommend choosing the best resolution right under the bottom right corner of the video before watching. Download: Download file, change .bsg → .wmv!

I was going to write a commentary for this, but I don't really have time, and basically, this is the perfect song for all Sam/Jacks in all alternate realities. If anybody's interested in a commentary, lemme know.

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