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my Bingo Card for [ profile] stargateland
featuring Sam Carter and some SG-1 + bonus cast love

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I just love that little moment. It's so early on (Singularity, season one), and Sam's hand wave is so adorable and they're still so young and sweet and just so squishable.


I could've made this a gigantic picspam. So much pretty on this show.


Umm, duh? :) Not my favourite cast (that award goes to the Sanctuary cast and crew), but close enough.

question, opposite & your choice

Okay, some commentary on the video. Iiiii... no longer like it, lol. I thought it was pretty clever at first, but eh, I could've done better. Anyway, only took me 726273 hours, lol. Vidding is just ridiculously exhausting. I'm amazed by people who do this for fun. That said, when I saw the prompt 'question', I just had to. And I made it fit 'opposite', too, because it's obviously the opposite of what happened in canon. Kind of. lol. Anyway. Also, 'your choice', duh. I just really love Sam/Jack, okay? OKAY.

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