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And that makes three. For Minbari, three is sacred. Pretty safe to say at this point I'm addicted to making animated moodthemes.

That said, I made this entirely for myself; I doubt anyone else will be interested, which also explains why I stopped caring about file size pretty quickly. But just in case, and because my OCD demands it, I'm posting it here. If even one other person is interested, I'll be happy, so enjoy! :) I know I'm a decade and a half late to this fandom, but whatever, better late than never, right? And, like alllllllllways (seriously, every. damn. time.), I fell in love with the female lead. Can you blame me? ;)

The download includes the admin console file, all 132 moods plus 23 variations, all in 100x55px. Feel free to replace any mood by a variation. To do that, simply rename the variation you want to use to the original mood name, e.g. if you wanted to change the "bored" moodtheme to the variation, delete "bored.gif", rename an alternate to "bored.gif" and simply upload that one.

o1; Download the moodtheme. Unzip the folder.
o2; Pick the moods you want to use.
o3; Upload them to your photobucket / equivalent account. Do not change the filenames.
o4; Open the admin console txt file, replace with your custom URL.
o5; Open the LJ admin console, put the following into the text box: moodtheme_create "Title of Theme" "Short Description of Theme" (replace "Title" and "Description" with whatever you want it to be), and click "execute". A number will appear, you're going to need that in the next step.
o6; In the admin console file, replace "12345" with the number you got.
o7; Paste the entire content of the file into the text box at the admin console and click "execute".
o8; Go to customise and pick your theme. Save changes, and you're done.
Further instructions can be found here, courtesy of [ profile] crackified.

→ Comments are appreciated. In fact, I may give out hugs.
→ Credit. If you link back, others who might see the moods in your journal can find their way here. Don't know how? Just copy and paste the following into your profile:

→ No editing.
→ Enjoy!