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More B5 icons, awwyeah. I've been a bit hard-pressed to make anything in Photoshop lately, which sucks because I want to. Anyway, this batch again is almost exclusively Delenn-centric. Not even sorry. The first icon is also available as a tumblr graphic, if anyone's interested; and there are tumblr versions of the last few icons, too, that work well as banners (here and here).

[20] icons
[16] Babylon 5
[04] Mira Furlan


You have a proud heritage, Delenn of Mir. )
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That show... I do not have words to describe how much I love that show. Icons from 4x12 A Disquiet Follows My Soul, random Roslin and Adama, and (who would have thought?) stock icons! I'm starting to experiment with those again. Very simple for now. I only just realised how much I missed making stock icons. :D

[27] icons
[12] Battlestar Galactica {Roslin&Adama from 4x12}
[07] Battlestar Galactica {Roslin&Adama random}
[08] stock & text

[03] banner
[03] stock


MASSIVE spoilers for 4x12, do *NOT* click unless you've seen it! )
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And more Bones! :D
Also, has anybody else noticed that the actress that plays Tessa in the first few episodes of the first season of Bones is actually also Amber from House??? Yay for fandom collisions! :)
So, enjoy!

[44] icons
[44] Bones 1x06-1x12

[05] banners
[05] Bones opening credits

{001-003} 1x06 The Man in the Wall
{004-007} 1x07 A Man on Death Row
{008-015} 1x08 The Girl in the Fridge
{016-031} 1x09 The Man in the Fallout Shelter
{032-036} 1x10 The Woman at the Airport
{037-041} 1x11 The Woman in the Car
{042-044} 1x12 The Superhero in the Alley


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And more of these will come soon! :)
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I can't get over this episode. That's why I had to make icons. And there's enough of them in here to fulfill all your icon needs. xD
With most of them, I couldn't decide whether to leave them coloured or make them black and white, because the pictures looked great either way. So pick your poison. :)

[54] icons
[54] House {4x15 House's Head}

[04] banners
[04] House {4x15 House's Head}


MAJOR spoilers ahead for 4x15, so stay away if you haven't seen it yet )

OH GOD. xD {And for those still waiting for their requests, they are going to be posted really soon, I promise. By the way, if you still want to request something, this is your last chance to do so. As soon as I'm posting the finished icons, which will be in the next post or the one after that, I will close the request post.}
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Hello people!

So here they finally are.
First time I've done House icons. And thanks to Josi and somehow Anna, too, I finally figured out how to get the code right. So now it's done and I'm bringing you a few icons from House, all random season one and three. And I do have to admit that it's only House and Cuddy on there. Yup, I'm hooked. xD And it's also the first time I tried different colouring, using colour balance, curves and selective colouring, which I'm still awful at, but it worked out okay, I think. Alright, enough rambling, enjoy! :)

[45] icons total
[04] House
[07] Cuddy
[34] Huddy

[06] ui banners total
[06] Huddy


Are you being intentionally dense? - HUH? )

Thanks for your attention. ;)