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my Bingo Card for [ profile] stargateland
featuring Sam Carter and some SG-1 + bonus cast love

four icons, two minispams, one wallpaper, one gif & one fanvid )

Also, feel free to spam me with caps here.
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Old crap that's been accumulating over the months. I've been too busy to make icons, which suuucks. But I'm taking March off so I can do cool stuff. From this post onwards, wallpapers will be in multiple sizes! (Except for the crossover one in this post because that one's super old, but I doubt many people are interested in it anyway.) I'm not making 26426 different sizes; I took a look at the poll, and most people have the same resolution that I have, so there will be that, and the respective biggest possible version of each popular resolution, so if your screen is smaller, either shrink them down, or just use them the way they are, which should work.

[24] icons
[08] Farscape
[10] Stargate SG-1, Atlantis, Universe
[02] Battlestar Galactica
[04] random (Sanctuary/SG-1, Mr. Sunshine, Rizzoli & Isles, Leverage)
[02] wallpapers
[01] Leverage
[01] Stargate/SG-1


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Suuuper random Leverage batch. From all three seasons (incl. even one non-spoilery icon from the finale promo stills, so you're warned), quite a few for [ profile] leverageland, and just... random. Mostly Sophie and Nate/Sophie, some team and even a couple of Parker/Hardison icons. Man, I really need to find a few Eliot caps. Pretty people doing pretty things, basically.
Also, first batch since I switched from CS2 to CS5, I think? Suffice to say, vibrance is my new lover. Oh plus a random Jekyll wallpaper, because somebody had to make a wallpaper dedicated only to Gina Bellman's face. (You're welcome.)

[44] icons
[44] Leverage
[02] wallpapers
[01] Leverage (Rashomon Job)
[01] Jekyll (Claire Jackman)


One show only, no encores. )
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New obsession, what up. I love this show so much! :D I started watching it a few days ago, maybe two weeks? And I fell in love with it immediately. I'm up to the middle of season eight now, and while I really miss the early seasons, it's still awesome. Thus, new icons. :D All Sam and Sam/Jack for now. There will be others later. But eh, I ship it.

[24] icons
[24] Stargate SG-1
[01] wallpaper
[01] Stargate SG-1


There should be a cake. )