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Icons made from photos I took with my Canon, my old Nikon, and my iPad 2. Most of them are from London when I was there in March, the rest is random from a few years back. They've gone through several editing processes, from Lightroom over Instagram back to regular old Photoshop. Not sure that was such a good idea, but there you have it. (You can find my photos on flickr, by the way.)

[20] icons
[20] photography (London, misc)


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Helloooo. Remember me? Shh, I know. I suck at making icons these days, but I promise I will try to get better. I'm actually reading Carl Sagan's Cosmos right now (which everybody should read, it's so beautiful it makes me weep), and I was inspired to make a few spaceporn astronomy icons. Almost all of the pictures are taken from NASA's Astronomy Picture of the Day site. Oh, and one random stock icon snuck in.

[18] icons
[18] stock (astronomy, misc)


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Stock & Disney. Mostly New York City, because this was supposed to be another iconbattle with [ profile] mathhhh. Maybe next time. ;) I worked a lot with this wonderful tutorial by [ profile] eunkyung which you should all take a look at.

[46] icons
[20] New York City
[10] stock
[16] Disney (most for [ profile] wd_lims)


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I'm back, with a few stock icons. Those are all from my own photography, so absolutely no stealing. Also, they are all quite simple, but I need some time to get back into stock iconing. There's another gorgeous set of Berlin/stock icons here at [ profile] littlethingsbig. What shameless pimping?

[22] icons
[04] random stock
[18] Berlin {Berliner Dom, Altes Museum, Rotes Rathaus, Tierpark Friedrichsfelde}


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A very random batch because I haven't really had time to make icons recently. That'll hopefully change soon, though, once I'm done writing the huge fic I'm working on at the moment.
And I'd also like to pimp my new-ish community [ profile] europolitics. If you're even the least bit interested in European politics, please consider joining. ♥

[20] icons
[08] stock
[06] Battlestar Galactica [#13 & #14 for [ profile] theskilltester ♥; #12 for [ profile] laura_lims]
[05] NCIS [all for [ profile] ncis_lims]
[01] Meryl Streep & Pierce Brosnan


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That show... I do not have words to describe how much I love that show. Icons from 4x12 A Disquiet Follows My Soul, random Roslin and Adama, and (who would have thought?) stock icons! I'm starting to experiment with those again. Very simple for now. I only just realised how much I missed making stock icons. :D

[27] icons
[12] Battlestar Galactica {Roslin&Adama from 4x12}
[07] Battlestar Galactica {Roslin&Adama random}
[08] stock & text

[03] banner
[03] stock


MASSIVE spoilers for 4x12, do *NOT* click unless you've seen it! )
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Back! :) I'm done with four of my five final exams, so I decided to make some icons before I have to start studying for the last one. I ended up making dance-themed icons, and all the time I spent with Photoshop, I had Elton John's Tiny Dancer stuck in my head. ♥

[24] icons
[20] dance / ballet
[04] animals


Ballerina, you must have seen her, dancing in the sand )

Still working on the Bones batch, but there's also Jurassic Park any maybe some more animals coming up. And the requests, of course (they are almost done). :)
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So here's another batch of very randomly assorted icons. Those are mainly contest entries, and some film posters, because I felt like iconing films things.
And don't forget, the requests are still open. ;)

[36] icons
[14] stock {flowers, cities}
[06] Disney
[16] fandoms {film posters, NCIS}


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up next: Bones and requests :)
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Sorry I haven't been around much in the last couple of weeks, but school keeps me so busy I can hardly think.
But yesterday I sat down (instead of doing my biology homework) listening to the third Harry Potter audiobook and made some icons. I've been meaning to icon animals for a long time now, ever since my first set of Africa icons, so here they come.

[26] icons
[26] lions


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See you some time soon, hopefully! :)
Gotta get back to school. *waves*
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Hey everyone!
I know I promised House icons, but I want to put those first. No use posting them after Christmas, right? *g*

I wish all of you a merry pre-Christmas season! ♥
Thanks for being a member of this comm. *huggles people*

And to get into the Christmas spirit, here are some icons. Nothing fancy, as always. But enjoy! :)

[58] icons total
[58] Christmas


Santa Claus is coming to town... )

Up next: mixed stock, Bones, Disney
Have a nice day! :)