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Icons made from photos I took with my Canon, my old Nikon, and my iPad 2. Most of them are from London when I was there in March, the rest is random from a few years back. They've gone through several editing processes, from Lightroom over Instagram back to regular old Photoshop. Not sure that was such a good idea, but there you have it. (You can find my photos on flickr, by the way.)

[20] icons
[20] photography (London, misc)


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Helloooo. Remember me? Shh, I know. I suck at making icons these days, but I promise I will try to get better. I'm actually reading Carl Sagan's Cosmos right now (which everybody should read, it's so beautiful it makes me weep), and I was inspired to make a few spaceporn astronomy icons. Almost all of the pictures are taken from NASA's Astronomy Picture of the Day site. Oh, and one random stock icon snuck in.

[18] icons
[18] stock (astronomy, misc)


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I'm back, with a few stock icons. Those are all from my own photography, so absolutely no stealing. Also, they are all quite simple, but I need some time to get back into stock iconing. There's another gorgeous set of Berlin/stock icons here at [ profile] littlethingsbig. What shameless pimping?

[22] icons
[04] random stock
[18] Berlin {Berliner Dom, Altes Museum, Rotes Rathaus, Tierpark Friedrichsfelde}


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So here's another batch of very randomly assorted icons. Those are mainly contest entries, and some film posters, because I felt like iconing films things.
And don't forget, the requests are still open. ;)

[36] icons
[14] stock {flowers, cities}
[06] Disney
[16] fandoms {film posters, NCIS}


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up next: Bones and requests :)
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Sorry I haven't been around much in the last couple of weeks, but school keeps me so busy I can hardly think.
But yesterday I sat down (instead of doing my biology homework) listening to the third Harry Potter audiobook and made some icons. I've been meaning to icon animals for a long time now, ever since my first set of Africa icons, so here they come.

[26] icons
[26] lions


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See you some time soon, hopefully! :)
Gotta get back to school. *waves*