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Suuuper random Leverage batch. From all three seasons (incl. even one non-spoilery icon from the finale promo stills, so you're warned), quite a few for [ profile] leverageland, and just... random. Mostly Sophie and Nate/Sophie, some team and even a couple of Parker/Hardison icons. Man, I really need to find a few Eliot caps. Pretty people doing pretty things, basically.
Also, first batch since I switched from CS2 to CS5, I think? Suffice to say, vibrance is my new lover. Oh plus a random Jekyll wallpaper, because somebody had to make a wallpaper dedicated only to Gina Bellman's face. (You're welcome.)

[44] icons
[44] Leverage
[02] wallpapers
[01] Leverage (Rashomon Job)
[01] Jekyll (Claire Jackman)


One show only, no encores. )