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Icon clean-out part one! This one is television. And by that, I really mean Leverage, which y'all should start watching immediately if you aren't yet. Surprisingly, this post has allll the characters, not just Sophie. Well look at that.

[20] icons
[18] Leverage
[02] Caprica, Lost


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my Something Borrowed, Something Blue Bingo Card for [ profile] scifiland
featuring Battlestar Galatica, Lost, Sanctuary, Stargate, V

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Random TV icons this time! :)

[24] icons
[14] Battlestar Galactica (mostly for [ profile] bsgpassiton & [ profile] frakkintoasters, JOIN!)
[02] Lost
[07] V
[01] Sanctuary


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Experimental batch is experimental. (Yeah, I know, that didn't go too well. I'll go back to my usual style now, lol.) But I found a new fandom and a new character I love, which is why I started trying new things.

[28] icons
[08] NCIS {all for [ profile] ncis_lims}
[12] Battlestar Galactica {#09 - #16 for [ profile] ar_icontest}
[08] Lost


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