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[44] icons
[33] Stargate SG-1 (Carter, Vala; incl. Jack, Daniel, Teal'c, Thor)
[11] Stargate Atlantis (Elizabeth, Teyla; incl. John, Lorne, Oberoth)


reflection behind stuck four alone
water blue movement seasons forget
why me? pain hope extraordinary rainbow
love & affection excitement lost fancy punctuation
disappointment glee artist's choice angels/demons magic
numbers dark emotions grateful dazzle
because it's wrong keep calm crack light fake
alternate 01 alternate 02 alternate 03 alternate 04 alternate 05
alternate 06 alternate 07 alternate 08 alternate 09

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Up next: More of these, obviously, and Sanctuary. Probably also Lie to Me. If you have requests/suggestions, go here. Aaaand some comm pimping for SG-1 fans, while we're at it: [ profile] closetheiris.