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This is PICON, the graphics journal of congo.

∞ comment. it's nice to know what people enjoy, and it helps me focus. icon numbers are love.

∞ credit. i won't hunt you down if you don't, except when it's my own photography you're using, but i appreciate credit. it makes it easier for people to find my icons. how to.

∞ don't edit or steal. iconmakers spend a lot of time on making icons look the way them want them to. thus, it's rude just to take other people's icons, slam some text on them and pretend you made them. if you ever want text, or anything else, on any icon, just ask, and i'll see what i can do.

∞ don't hotlink. hotlinking is stealing bandwith. don't do it. right click and save the graphics, and upload them to your own server or photobucket and the like.

∞ community. you can join and/or watch.
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