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This is the first fourth of my Women of Stargate claim for [ profile] fandom365days. All in all, I'll make a hundred icons for this, plus a ton of variations. This post is a mess, I'm using the comm's template, which means the icons will be sorted by themes, not by show. Sorry about that.

[40] icons
[23] Stargate SG-1 (Carter, Vala, Janet; incl. Jack, Daniel, Teal'c)
[17] Stargate Atlantis (Elizabeth, Teyla; incl. John)


luck redemption fight or flight green close
silly enemy hero heart disbelief
small world after all fade clothing joy space
annoyed comfort fear dance trouble
just for laughs friendship better with two help artist's choice
alt #01 alt #02 alt #03 alt #04 alt #05
alt #06 alt #07 alt #08 alt #09 alt #10
alt #11 alt #12 alt #13 alt #14 alt #15

♥ Comment, credit, no editing, no hotlinking.

Up next: More of these, obviously, and Sanctuary. If you have requests/suggestions, go here.
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