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My contribution to the [ profile] babylon5_love month 2013! Originally, I was going to write fic, but I couldn't think of anything, so I ventured into graphics again for the first time in over a year. :o

[10] icons
[10] Babylon 5 + Cast


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Icons made from photos I took with my Canon, my old Nikon, and my iPad 2. Most of them are from London when I was there in March, the rest is random from a few years back. They've gone through several editing processes, from Lightroom over Instagram back to regular old Photoshop. Not sure that was such a good idea, but there you have it. (You can find my photos on flickr, by the way.)

[20] icons
[20] photography (London, misc)


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More B5 icons, awwyeah. I've been a bit hard-pressed to make anything in Photoshop lately, which sucks because I want to. Anyway, this batch again is almost exclusively Delenn-centric. Not even sorry. The first icon is also available as a tumblr graphic, if anyone's interested; and there are tumblr versions of the last few icons, too, that work well as banners (here and here).

[20] icons
[16] Babylon 5
[04] Mira Furlan


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Icon clean-out part one! This one is television. And by that, I really mean Leverage, which y'all should start watching immediately if you aren't yet. Surprisingly, this post has allll the characters, not just Sophie. Well look at that.

[20] icons
[18] Leverage
[02] Caprica, Lost


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Helloooo. Remember me? Shh, I know. I suck at making icons these days, but I promise I will try to get better. I'm actually reading Carl Sagan's Cosmos right now (which everybody should read, it's so beautiful it makes me weep), and I was inspired to make a few spaceporn astronomy icons. Almost all of the pictures are taken from NASA's Astronomy Picture of the Day site. Oh, and one random stock icon snuck in.

[18] icons
[18] stock (astronomy, misc)


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New obsession, what up. I've been so busy I haven't had time to even open photoshop, let alone actually make icons. Weirdly enough, now that I'm no longer on 'holiday', I seem to have more time. I blame [ profile] lifeistoobrevis for this obsession entirely. I'd never been interested in B5 (even after catching a few random eps), and then she came along and now I'm in love. In desperate, hopeless love. Long story short... icons! Spoilers for the entire show, you have been warned.

[28] icons
[28] Babylon 5 (almost entirely Delenn-centric, incl. John/Delenn)


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Icons for [ profile] abnormal20in20! First icon batch in months? I don't even know where my Photoshop mojo is. :| But now that there are new Sanctuary eps, I finally had some pretty new caps to icon.

[25] icons
[25] Sanctuary


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my Bingo Card for [ profile] stargateland
featuring Sam Carter and some SG-1 + bonus cast love

four icons, two minispams, one wallpaper, one gif & one fanvid )

Also, feel free to spam me with caps here.
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A mini-mix for [ profile] stargateland! Apprently, my iconing mojo is hiding. (Somewhere in this building is our talent.)

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Old crap that's been accumulating over the months. I've been too busy to make icons, which suuucks. But I'm taking March off so I can do cool stuff. From this post onwards, wallpapers will be in multiple sizes! (Except for the crossover one in this post because that one's super old, but I doubt many people are interested in it anyway.) I'm not making 26426 different sizes; I took a look at the poll, and most people have the same resolution that I have, so there will be that, and the respective biggest possible version of each popular resolution, so if your screen is smaller, either shrink them down, or just use them the way they are, which should work.

[24] icons
[08] Farscape
[10] Stargate SG-1, Atlantis, Universe
[02] Battlestar Galactica
[04] random (Sanctuary/SG-1, Mr. Sunshine, Rizzoli & Isles, Leverage)
[02] wallpapers
[01] Leverage
[01] Stargate/SG-1


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Quite a lot of you have already filled out the poll the other day, about what things you'd like to see more of, and being the silly person that I am, I forgot to include a question about wallpaper sizes! So, question!

[Poll #1664483]
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As per [ profile] dani101's request, another musicvideo. ;) I made this for [ profile] stargateland in September, using Sony Vegas. It was supposed to be a little different, but I ran out of time. Turned out pretty okay, though, I think. The only thing I'd change now, except for the occasional glitch, is that I'd probably make the bridge bits all black & white.

Song: Vienna Teng - In Another Life
Fandom: Stargate
Character(s): Jack O'Neill, Sam Carter, Sam/Jack

lyrics | youtube | mediafire: 27 MB

As for youtube, I recommend choosing the best resolution right under the bottom right corner of the video before watching. Download: Download file, change .bsg → .wmv!

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Suuuper random Leverage batch. From all three seasons (incl. even one non-spoilery icon from the finale promo stills, so you're warned), quite a few for [ profile] leverageland, and just... random. Mostly Sophie and Nate/Sophie, some team and even a couple of Parker/Hardison icons. Man, I really need to find a few Eliot caps. Pretty people doing pretty things, basically.
Also, first batch since I switched from CS2 to CS5, I think? Suffice to say, vibrance is my new lover. Oh plus a random Jekyll wallpaper, because somebody had to make a wallpaper dedicated only to Gina Bellman's face. (You're welcome.)

[44] icons
[44] Leverage
[02] wallpapers
[01] Leverage (Rashomon Job)
[01] Jekyll (Claire Jackman)


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Nov. 17th, 2010 05:53 pm
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Hello dear watchers!

I've noticed that I now have quite a large number of followers, so many more than I ever would have expected. Thank you for that. And now I'd love to know what you'd like to see more of. I'll probably not icon fandoms I'm not into (anymore), but I still want your opinion.

[Poll #1645616]

Feel free to leave any other suggestions in the comments. And if you want to leave images, go here! The next post is most likely going to be entirely Leverage-themed.
Thank you for watching. ♥
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Autumn cleaning part two! Several months old, don't judge. :P Pretty much all for [ profile] fandom365days, before real life intervened and I stopped making icons. I LOVE YOU, HELEN MAGNUS! (How is she so pretty all the time? I do not understand.) And now I've finally posted all the old icons.

[78] icons
[78] Sanctuary


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All old icons; I guess this is autumn cleaning? Or spring cleaning if you're in the southern hemisphere. These are absolutely random, for [ profile] farscapeverse, [ profile] stargateland, [ profile] fandom365days, [ profile] otl_fest, [ profile] je_lims, ...

[47] icons
[08] Farscape
[12] Stargate SG-1
[27] Stargate Atlantis


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CATCHING UP WITH MY LAND COMMS LIKE YEAH. For [ profile] stargateland. TEAM AWESOME. (SG-1 for those who don't watch.)

daniel jackson's travel mix )
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A very random Stargate batch, all for [ profile] stargateland. If you're into any of the Stargates (doesn't have to be all three of them), please consider joining [ profile] stargateland. We have graphics and writing challenges, but also puzzles, jigsaws and other games. But above all, we have a lot of fun. So if you're interested, please sign up here!

[40] icons
[15] Stargate SG-1
[13] Stargate Atlantis
[12] Stargate Universe


I'd like to have a Stargate. )