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Icons made from photos I took with my Canon, my old Nikon, and my iPad 2. Most of them are from London when I was there in March, the rest is random from a few years back. They've gone through several editing processes, from Lightroom over Instagram back to regular old Photoshop. Not sure that was such a good idea, but there you have it. (You can find my photos on flickr, by the way.)

[20] icons
[20] photography (London, misc)


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Stock & Disney. Mostly New York City, because this was supposed to be another iconbattle with [ profile] mathhhh. Maybe next time. ;) I worked a lot with this wonderful tutorial by [ profile] eunkyung which you should all take a look at.

[46] icons
[20] New York City
[10] stock
[16] Disney (most for [ profile] wd_lims)


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A very random batch because I haven't really had time to make icons recently. That'll hopefully change soon, though, once I'm done writing the huge fic I'm working on at the moment.
And I'd also like to pimp my new-ish community [ profile] europolitics. If you're even the least bit interested in European politics, please consider joining. ♥

[20] icons
[08] stock
[06] Battlestar Galactica [#13 & #14 for [ profile] theskilltester ♥; #12 for [ profile] laura_lims]
[05] NCIS [all for [ profile] ncis_lims]
[01] Meryl Streep & Pierce Brosnan


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