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I'm done with my first [ profile] fandom365days claim, Women of Stargate! I have to post my whole icon table, which means you've seen some of those, but most of them should be new. ;) I'm going to keep making these, I've re-claimed my women. Variations are going to follow in the next post.

Oh, and icons labelled * are not sharable. (Complaints go to [ profile] hihoplastic who keeps hogging icons I make. :P)

[100] icons
[100] Stargate SG-1 & Stargate Atlantis (Sam, Vala, Janet; Elizabeth, Teyla)


luck redemption fight or flight green close
silly enemy hero heart disbelief
small world after all fade clothing joy space
annoyed comfort fear dance trouble
just for laughs friendship better with two help artist's choice
reflection behind stuck four alone
water blue movement seasons forget
why me? pain hope extraordinary rainbow
love & affection excitement lost fancy punctuation
disappointment glee artist's choice angels/demons magic
someday* dark emotions grateful dazzle
because it's wrong keep calm crack light fake
numbers firsts go down w/ this ship frenemy stress
confusion crime sleep read my lips colour
time celebrate look away music hair
hurt book smart brooding evil old school
dress up kiss heartbreak body language appreciation
alternate red connection* truth something new
it's complicated does not approve memory* letting go harsh
stripes secret wishes change maybe note