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my Something Borrowed, Something Blue Bingo Card for [ profile] scifiland
featuring Battlestar Galatica, Lost, Sanctuary, Stargate, V

four icons, two minimixes & three minispams )
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I'm done with my first [ profile] fandom365days claim, Women of Stargate! I have to post my whole icon table, which means you've seen some of those, but most of them should be new. ;) I'm going to keep making these, I've re-claimed my women. Variations are going to follow in the next post.

Oh, and icons labelled * are not sharable. (Complaints go to [ profile] hihoplastic who keeps hogging icons I make. :P)

[100] icons
[100] Stargate SG-1 & Stargate Atlantis (Sam, Vala, Janet; Elizabeth, Teyla)


It's my sidearm, I swear. )
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More [ profile] fandom365days icons that have been sitting on my harddrive for a while. Spring summer cleaning ftw!
Apparently, all my Sanctuary icons are brown and/or blue and black?

[50] icons
[50] Sanctuary


I need you to be my emotional compass. )

Up next: More of these, more Stargate, and Lie to Me. If you have requests/suggestions, go here.
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[44] icons
[33] Stargate SG-1 (Carter, Vala; incl. Jack, Daniel, Teal'c, Thor)
[11] Stargate Atlantis (Elizabeth, Teyla; incl. John, Lorne, Oberoth)


Raise the shield! )

Up next: More of these, obviously, and Sanctuary. Probably also Lie to Me. If you have requests/suggestions, go here. Aaaand some comm pimping for SG-1 fans, while we're at it: [ profile] closetheiris.
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This is the first fourth of my Women of Stargate claim for [ profile] fandom365days. All in all, I'll make a hundred icons for this, plus a ton of variations. This post is a mess, I'm using the comm's template, which means the icons will be sorted by themes, not by show. Sorry about that.

[40] icons
[23] Stargate SG-1 (Carter, Vala, Janet; incl. Jack, Daniel, Teal'c)
[17] Stargate Atlantis (Elizabeth, Teyla; incl. John)


Does the 'Gate make my head look fat? )

Up next: More of these, obviously, and Sanctuary. If you have requests/suggestions, go here.
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Spring cleaning! All old SG-1 and Atlantis icons. The Sam Carter SG-1 icons were supposed to be for a 20in20 challenge, but I didn't get them done in time.

[32] icons
[20] Stargate Atlantis
[12] Stargate SG-1


John Sheppard, are you defending my honour? )
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These 20in20 things are too damn addictive. Also, I have a uni paper due on the 15th, that's why I spent all day photoshopping... Someone make me work, please?! (PS: [ profile] hihoplastic is the best, for cheering for every single one of those. ♥)

[50] icons
[20] Stargate SG-1: New Order for [ profile] gate_eps20in20
[20] Stargate Atlantis: Elizabeth Weir for [ profile] stargate20in20
[10] variations


You speak god knows how many languages! — Just... five. )

Up next: [ profile] character20n20 & [ profile] tapping20in20 & random Stargate icons!
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Entries for [ profile] wd_lims, [ profile] elite_disney, [ profile] b_lims and [ profile] carter_stills, plus random others. Expect more Stargate (incl. Atlantis) and Sanctuary in the future. :)

[39] icons
[12] random Disney, mostly The Lion King
[08] Bones
[04] Sanctuary
[15] Stargate SG-1 (random and Unending)


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I bring screencaps from the latest House episode, The Down Low, because I adore Sasha Alexander. These are only of her, which means these are NOT caps of the entire episode. Don't say I didn't warn you. Also, there might be spoilers in the preview pictures below.

1 ; 2 ; 3 ; 4 ; 5


Please comment & credit [ profile] picon, it took me ages to screencap and wade through the almost 10,000 caps I had in the beginning. Thank you, I hope you enjoy!
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New obsession, what up. I love this show so much! :D I started watching it a few days ago, maybe two weeks? And I fell in love with it immediately. I'm up to the middle of season eight now, and while I really miss the early seasons, it's still awesome. Thus, new icons. :D All Sam and Sam/Jack for now. There will be others later. But eh, I ship it.

[24] icons
[24] Stargate SG-1
[01] wallpaper
[01] Stargate SG-1


There should be a cake. )
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Stock & Disney. Mostly New York City, because this was supposed to be another iconbattle with [ profile] mathhhh. Maybe next time. ;) I worked a lot with this wonderful tutorial by [ profile] eunkyung which you should all take a look at.

[46] icons
[20] New York City
[10] stock
[16] Disney (most for [ profile] wd_lims)


King of Pride Rock )
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Random TV icons this time! :)

[24] icons
[14] Battlestar Galactica (mostly for [ profile] bsgpassiton & [ profile] frakkintoasters, JOIN!)
[02] Lost
[07] V
[01] Sanctuary


Compromising one's principles for the greater good is not a shameful act. )
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[ profile] mathhhh vs [ profile] multicolour
an iconbattle

[26] icons
[04] actors & actresses (Neil Patrick Harris, Hugh Laurie, Mary McDonnell, Jennifer Morrison)
[10] TV shows (How I Met Your Mother, Friends, NCIS, Bones, House)
[02] films (Jurassic Park, Casino Royale)
[03] stock (New York City)
[07] alternates
& [ profile] mathhhh's versions


Math pwns me. Just wait and see. )
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Hello everyone!

A very random batch, most of them made for challenges. And a lot of experimenting! I'm not as happy with these as with those from my last batch, but I wanted to get these online now, before I'm too busy, cause I'm starting uni in a little more than a week. :D

[22] icons
[12] Battlestar Galactica (#2-4 & 9 for [ profile] twelvecolonies)
[10] Bones (all for [ profile] b_lims)


We have come to a crossroads in our long and painful journey. )
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It's been a while since my last update, but I've been incredibly busy. I'd been making contest entries only, until last night, when I wasn't able to resist the urge to photoshop anymore. Hee. :) I think I'm finally getting where I want to be as an iconmaker. I know I've said that before, but this time, I mean it. I've been working with text more, and I think I'm slowly getting better at it. (On a related note, I wasn't going to post #31, but [ profile] lindsey_grissom said it was her favourite.) Enjoy!

[32] icons
[04] random films {Jurassic Park, The Godfather, The Hours} for [ profile] lit_bookshelf
[08] random Disney {Brother Bear, The Lion King, Tarzan, Robin Hood et al} for [ profile] wd_lims
[20] random Battlestar, some for [ profile] ar_icontest and [ profile] theskilltester


Feels good to be alive, doesn't it? )
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So I caved and watched the third season of Torchwood. I totally blame this on [ profile] lindsey_grissom. Also, this is the first time since my animated moodtheme that I've worked with ImageReady, and the first time ever that I've had to make sure the animations were smaller than 40k. Fail, LJ userpic limits, epic fail.

[16] icons
[16] Torchwood Season Three (3x01-3x03)


It's not men. It's... It's just him. It's only him. )
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Experimental batch is experimental. (Yeah, I know, that didn't go too well. I'll go back to my usual style now, lol.) But I found a new fandom and a new character I love, which is why I started trying new things.

[28] icons
[08] NCIS {all for [ profile] ncis_lims}
[12] Battlestar Galactica {#09 - #16 for [ profile] ar_icontest}
[08] Lost


I'm already on my own, Jack. )
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I'm back, with a few stock icons. Those are all from my own photography, so absolutely no stealing. Also, they are all quite simple, but I need some time to get back into stock iconing. There's another gorgeous set of Berlin/stock icons here at [ profile] littlethingsbig. What shameless pimping?

[22] icons
[04] random stock
[18] Berlin {Berliner Dom, Altes Museum, Rotes Rathaus, Tierpark Friedrichsfelde}


Blue lights on the runway, I love the colour of it all. )
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Star Trek! I loved the film. The plot was ridiculously senseless, but it was so pretty! Thus, a tiny set of icons. More when the DVD is released.

[12] icons
[12] Star Trek XI trailers


My name is James Tiberius Kirk. )